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Bailey Building and Loan

“Potter isn’t selling. Potter’s buying, and why? Because we’re panicky and he’s not, that’s why. He’s picking up some bargains.”

That’s a great line from Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart’s movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” but the power behind that line reverberates today.

In summary, the banks are not your friend when it comes to entrepreneurship, innovation, and ingenuity

At Shiloh Investures we aim to do just as the name implies: make your investment in time and space an adventure, a creative experience, a learning experience, an innovation, and disruption of the norm. Have you thought you could fix up that great old “Granville House” that “George Bailey” wouldn’t live in “even as a ghost” only to have the banks run you around in.

Then pay attention because we have lenders that are both innovative and advanced yet have good old-fashioned values just like the good “Ol Bailey Building and Loan that kept Bedford Falls from turning into a Pottersville”

Lasso the moon

We provide investors with quick turnaround on private and hard money, so they can create the wonderful life Frank Capra depicted on screen: loans, partnerships, guarantors, co-signers, and other arrangements for residential and commercial investment properties, contingent on the asset. If you can show that it is a good asset, a good contract and that you are going to make money then it’s a done deal and we will help you “lasso the moon.”

If you are looking not just for funds but material, substantive and tutorial assistance for repairs and remodels, buy and holds, wholesaling, bridge, gap, ground up construction, short term, long term, non-recourse, cash out or term and rate refinancing or any other vehicle for your project, we can help.


Our process is easy and often can provide 100% coverage of your project, but much of it hangs on the appraisal and soundness of your plan and asset. Closing is streamlined and funds are dispersed according to your plan.

Shiloh’s provides inventive solutions combined with old world standards of integrity, honesty, and hard work. Put us to the test today, by completing the form below and see if you won’t be saying “It’s a Wonderful Life”

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