Rehab/Repair Loans

A Rehab/Repair loan is used to purchase and repair your project like the old “Granville” house in the movie. You have heard of fix and flip, remodel, or reconstruction and at the heart it is a construction loan. After you have evaluated and analyzed the cost and expenses, we advance the money in ‘draws’ or withdrawals in phases of construction, depending on your progress and it is not uncommon to come out and view that progress to ensure compliance with the loan terms.

“R/R” is the premier tool for Projecteers to ensure timely profit and payment. Traditional lenders are not as adept and agile when it comes to repairing the old and bringing in the new so make us a part of your arsenal.

Rehab Repair Loans


As the name implies, investments can be adventures, sometimes good, sometimes bad but Shiloh can help you choose the right path. We have a fount of seasoned and experienced investors who know the ropes and can help you with the ins and outs of your project, whether it is a complicated and interwoven agreement, binding several parties and you can’t figure out which comes first or as simple as just needing a little more for a down payment, we can provide multiple options to close your deal and complete your project and move on to the next.

Benefits of working with us

• Up to 100% financing on purchase
• Up to 100% financing on repairs
• Up to 100% financing on the lender fees and closing costs
• Up to 70% of the ARV (After Repaired Value)
• Repair draws released as you need them
• Fast closings
• Complete assistance to the end

We are not here for a one-off deal; we want to be your permanent consultant and source for all things investing. We get more of what we need by letting us help you get what you need so you can maximize profits and minimize expenditures and time constraints. Give us a call and let us prove what we can do for you.